Beyond Reality

Ummm. So I kind of met Chris Colfer this week, got my book signed and saw him at the Apple store q&a. So yeah, typical week.

Also got a TLOS tote bag! Fun stuff all around! :)
Fic: One Moment in Time (1/1)

Media: Fic
Title: One Moment in Time (1/1)
Rating: PG - 13
Spoilers (If any): Spoilers for “Goodbye”
Warnings (If any): SPOILERS
Word Count: Over 1,300
Summary: A gapfiller and fix it fic.  Takes place a few days after “Goodbye.”  
A/N: Reviews are always welcome and appreciated.

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It’s not right, Ryan Murphy, but it’s okay. Kurt’s gonna make it anyway.

I really want to write something to amend this but I just don’t know if I can. My disappointment and anger are too much. This was not right Ryan Murphy. Just not right.

RIB you make it so hard for me to want to continue to watch Glee. Why do you do this? I’m so done but Chris and Darren but I’m so done.

Haha. So when they say TLOS is unedited, they really do mean unedited. The beta/editor in me wants to fix it. Lol.

OMG! I'm so jelous!! Is it good??

It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to actually read the complete and edited final version. :D

Chris’ book!  Two chapters in and cannot put it down!

Chris’ book!  Two chapters in and cannot put it down!

I WON CHRIS’ BOOK!!!! (from the Galley giveaway.) Ahhh!!!! So surprised to see it in my mailbox. :D can’t wait to start reading it!